Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Poem for Grandpa

For those who do not know, my wonderful grandpa has passed away. I wrote the following about him:

To me, grandpa means many things
A man greater than mighty kings
Humble, kind, honest, and true
Helpful, funny, and witty too.
Always there to love and share
Even when life seems hard to bear.
A teacher with great knowledge and skill,
Guiding others, their minds to fill.
A man that works his whole life through
And shows us what we should do.
Who lives his life by what he believes
And sets an example that he will leave ...

He loved his children and his wife
And gave for them throughout his life.
Respectful, devoted, and faithful,
For his beloved, he was always grateful.
Even when she did not know,
His devotion for her did grow.
And when his dear darling did depart
She took a large portion of his heart.
Finally, they will be together,
And keep their love into forever.

To all of us, he gave his love
And will continue from above.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Robbie is 2!

Our baby is becoming a little boy! He is growing up so fast! We had a small birthday party at home for him on his birthday. Then, we visited family and had a party with his cousin who is about 10 days older than Robbie. It was fun to watch him get excited about the "birday perties" and presents. He loves Star Wars, so he got some Star Wars toys. He also got many other toys:) He is such a cute kid!