Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Family Fun Fotos

Here are some fun fotos taken during Christmas break.
My brother Jeremy playing with his son and neice. I thought they were cute playing together!

We decided to do a family craft. We each decorated our own snowman. This is Jeremy's-complete with beard, muscles, and stand-up legs.
Rachel and Jason's snowmen. Notice the hair and lack of hair on Jason's.


julie said...

Aaahhh. Cute pictures! I love Jason's bald snowman! Teehee.

Zim Family said...

How fun it is to see pictures of the fam. Its great to see everyone doing so well. Your snowpeople are awesome!!!

hunsaker family said...

hey rachel, remember me? It's amanda (Root)!

Leah said...

I hope all is going well. Jason did you get deployed again with the last group. Post again soon so we call all see what going on.