Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Vietnam Memorial Wall

During Memorial Day weekend, we drove a couple of hours to see the traveling Vietnam Memorial. It was a powerful experience to realize just how many people died in the service of our country. It was especially touching to see the flowers and pictures people left by the names of people they knew. War affects a lot of people.

The Great Salt Lake (at Saltair)
We also went to the Great Salt Lake. The walk out to the water was smelly and there were dead birds all over the place. The sand became muddy and sticky as well. Robbie got to touch the water:)! He loves water!

We visited Saltair, what used to be a grand resort at the beginning of the 1900's. I always find it interesting to look at the old pictures and step into the past. Jason had never been, so it gave us even more reason to stop by.


julie said...

Sounds like a fun Memorial Day weekend! I'm always so glad you post makes me happy to see you guys in pictures since I don't get to see you very much in real life. Speaking of...when are you going to be here next? Maybe I'll come visit this summer, just to hang out with you guys.

Framed said...

What a great weekend. We tried to visit Saltair last fall but it was all locked up and fenced off. Robbie is getting so big!! And cute.

Framed said...

I should say cute as always.